Brothers and sisters in Christ, you are bright stars in a very dark sky. Do you realize this? There is so much darkness in the world. So much discouragement, frustration, fear, anxiety, and unbelief in MY children. Do you not realize that you are a breath of fresh air to a stale world? I find everything about you so beautiful. I have chosen you, you did not choose ME. I established a covenant with you, all you have to do is accept. Read the Book. You are so bright and beautiful, seen by all the world. I brag on you, will you brag on ME? Stay close to ME. How? Rest with ME, take some time and rest with ME. I AM your provider for all you need when you are close to ME; that means obedience as well. You know some of MY promises, some 6,000 promises overall. You have had disappointments in the world, trying to live the way the world lives. You desire more of ME, you desire a touch from ME. Hear what I say, get close to ME your Christ, Jesus. I AM always with you MY child, just turn around and look into MY face. I Love you.

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